Men's Olympic Swimming: 200-meter Individual Medley

200-meter Individual Medley

Find the Olympic gold-medal times for the men's 200m IM swimming competition from 1968 to the present.

Year WinnerTime Record
1968 Charles Hickcox, USA 2:12.0 OR
1972 Gunnar Larsson, SWE 2:07.17 WR
1984 Alex Baumann, CAN 2:01.42 WR
1988 Tams Darnyi, HUN 2:00.17 WR
1992 Tams Darnyi, HUN 2:00.76
1996Attila Czene, HUN1:59.91
2000Massimiliano Rosolino, ITA1:58.98OR
2004 Michael Phelps, USA 1:57.14 OR
2008 Michael Phelps, USA 1:54.23 WR, OR
2012 Michael Phelps, USA 1:54.27

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