Men's Olympic Swimming: Men's Olympic 400-meter Freestyle

400-meter Freestyle

1896Paul Neumann, AUT (550m)8:12.6
1904Charles Daniels, USA (440 yds)6:16.2
1906Otto Scheff, AUT6:23.8
1908Henry Taylor, GBR5:36.8
1912George Hodgson, CAN5:24.4
1920Norman Ross, USA5:26.8
1924Johnny Weissmuller, USA5:04.2OR
1928Alberto Zorilla, ARG5:01.6OR
1932Buster Crabbe, USA4:48.4OR
1936Jack Medica, USA4:44.5OR
1948Bill Smith, USA4:41.0OR
1952Jean Boiteux, FRA4:30.7OR
1956Murray Rose, AUS4:27.3OR
1960Murray Rose, AUS4:18.3OR
1964Don Schollander, USA4:12.2WR
1968Mike Burton, USA4:09.0OR
1972Bradford Cooper, AUS*4:00.27OR
1976Brian Goodell, USA3:51.93WR
1980Vladimir Salnikov, USSR3:51.31OR
1984George DiCarlo, USA3:51.23OR
1988Uwe Dassler, E. Ger3:46.95WR
1992Yevgeny Sadovyi, UT3:45.00WR
1996Danyon Loader, NZE3:47.97
2000Ian Thorpe, AUS3:40.59WR
2004Ian Thorpe, AUS3:43.10
2008Taehwan Park, KR3:41.86
*Cooper finished second to Rick DeMont of the U.S., who was disqualified when he flunked the post-race drug test (his asthma medication was on the IOC's banned list).

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