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(Encyclopedia) Hawaii, island (1990 pop. 120,217), 4,037 sq mi (10,456 sq km), largest and southernmost island of the state of Hawaii and coextensive with Hawaii co.; known as the Big Island.?


(Encyclopedia) Hawaii h?w??, hv?, 50th state of the United States, comprising a group of eight major islands and numerous islets in the central Pacific Ocean, c.2,100 mi (3,380 km) SW of San?


Capital: Honolulu (on Oahu) State abbreviation/Postal code: Hawaii/HI Governor: David Ige, D (to Dec. 2018) Lieut. Governor: Shan Tsutsui (to Dec. 2018) Senators: Mazie Hirono (D) (to Jan. 2019?

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

(Encyclopedia) Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, 209,695 acres (84,926 hectares), on Hawaii island, Hawaii; est. 1916. The park contains two of the most active volcanoes in the world?Kilauea with its?

Hawaii, University of

(Encyclopedia) Hawaii, University of, at Honolulu (Manoa Campus), Hilo, and Pearl City (West Oahu Campus) with additional community college campuses; land-grant and state supported; coeducational;?

Brewer's: Legion of Honour

An order of merit instituted by the First Consul in 1802, for either military or civil merit. In 1843 there were 49,417 members, but in 1851 one new member was elected for every two?

Brewer's: Peace with Honour

The rallying cry of the late Lord Beaconsfield; it originated with his speech after the Berlin Conference (1878), when he stated that he had brought back Peace with Honour. Source:?

Hawaii Map

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Brewer's: Time-honoured Lancaster

Old John of Gaunt. His father was Edward III., his son Henry IV., his nephew Richard II. of England; his second wife was Constance, daughter of Peter the Cruel of Castile and Leon, his?