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The Etymology of "Trivia"

The Question: What is the etymology of the word "trivia"? The Answer: "Trivia" is a fairly recent (1920) noun form of the word "trivial" which?


(Encyclopedia) etymology ?t?m?l?j?, branch of linguistics that investigates the history, development, and origin of words. It was this study that chiefly revealed the regular relations of sounds in?

Etymology of "Third World"

The Question: What is the definition of a third world country and where did it come from? Are there first, second, and fourth world countries? The?


(Encyclopedia) Armageddon r?m?ged?n, in the New Testament, great battlefield where, at the end of the world, the powers of evil will fight the powers of good. If the usual etymology is correct, the?

Partridge, Eric Honeybrook

(Encyclopedia) Partridge, Eric Honeybrook, 1894?1979, British lexicographer; b. New Zealand. He studied in Australia and at Oxford, taught briefly in England, and founded a small publishing company.?


(Encyclopedia) lexicography, the applied study of the meaning, evolution, and function of the vocabulary units of a language for the purpose of compilation in book form?in short, the process of?

Onions, C. T.

(Encyclopedia) Onions, C. T. (Charles Talbut Onions), 1873?1965, English philologist, lexicographer, author, and editor. After a post with British Naval Intelligence in World War I, he held a?

Marsh, George Perkins

(Encyclopedia) Marsh, George Perkins, 1801?82, American diplomat and scholar, b. Woodstock, Vt., grad. Dartmouth (1820). He was admitted to the bar in 1825 and began practicing law in Burlington, Vt?

Meaning of the Word Upanishad

Meaning of the Word UpanishadHow Upanishad became the recognised name of the philosophical treatises contained in the Veda is difficult to explain. Most European scholars are agreed in?