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(Encyclopedia)asteroid, planetoid, or minor planet, small body orbiting the sun. More than 300,000 asteroids have been identified and cataloged; more than a million are believed to exist in the main belt between M...


(Encyclopedia)Pallas pl´s [key], in astronomy, 2d asteroid to be discovered. It was found in 1802 by H. Olbers. The second largest asteroid, it has a diameter of c.300 mi (480 km). Its orbit has a semimajor ax...


(Encyclopedia)planetoid: see asteroid.


(Encyclopedia)Hermes, in astronomy: see asteroid.


(Encyclopedia)Icarus, in astronomy: see asteroid.


(Encyclopedia)Eros, in astronomy: see asteroid.


(Encyclopedia)Hidalgo hdl´g [key], in astronomy: see asteroid.


(Encyclopedia)Braille brl [key], in astronomy, a small asteroid notable because it has the same atypical geologic composition as the larger asteroid Vesta. In 1999 the space probe Deep Space 1 passed within 16 mi...

Trojan asteroids

(Encyclopedia)Trojan asteroids, asteroids that revolve about the sun in the same orbit as a planet, occupying stable positions (known as Lagrangian points) either about 60° ahead of the planet in the orbit or abou...

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