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Other 2006 Winter Olympic Games Champions

BiathlonMen's 10-km sprint?Sven Fischer, GermanyMen's 12.5-km pursuit?Vincent Defrasne, FranceMen's 15-km mass start?Michael Greis, GermanyMen's 20-km individual?Michael Greis, GermanyMen's 4?

Cortina d'Ampezzo

(Encyclopedia) Cortina d'Ampezzo k?rt?n dmp?dz?, town (1991 pop. 7,109), in Venetia, NE Italy, in the heart of the Dolomites. It is an international winter sports center with a large tourism?


(Encyclopedia) luge lo?ozh, a type of small sled on which one or two persons, lying face up, slide feet first down snowy hillsides or down steeply banked, curving, iced chutes similar to those used?


(Encyclopedia) skeleton, in winter sports, a type of small, very low, steel-frame sled on which one person, lying face down, slides headfirst down snowy hillsides or down steeply banked, curving,?

Park City

(Encyclopedia) Park City, town (1990 pop. 4,468), Summit co., N central Utah, in the Wasatch Range. A former mining town whose silver and other deposits were mined out, it was a nearly ghost town by?

Paralympic games

(Encyclopedia) Paralympic games, series of international sports contests for athletes with physical, visual, and intellectual impairments. The games grew out of a gathering of British World War II?


(Encyclopedia) Nagano ngn?, city (1990 pop. 347,026), capital of Nagano prefecture, central Honshu, Japan, on the Tenryu River. It has a food-processing industry and produces auto parts and?


(Encyclopedia) bobsledding, winter sport in which a bobsled?a partially enclosed vehicle with steerable sledlike runners, accommodating two or four persons?hurtles down a course of iced, steeply?

Klein, Ralph Phillip

(Encyclopedia) Klein, Ralph Phillip, 1942?2013, Canadian politician, b. Calgary. He served in the Canadian air force and worked in public relations and as a weathercaster and reporter in radio and?