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Victorian style

(Encyclopedia) Victorian style, in British and American architecture, an eclectic mode based on the revival of older styles, often in new combinations. Although the style is named after the reign (?

Stedman, Edmund Clarence

(Encyclopedia) Stedman, Edmund Clarence, 1833?1908, American banker, poet, and critic, b. Hartford, Conn., attended Yale. A successful Wall St. broker, he was also one of the leading poets of his?

Guys, Constantin

(Encyclopedia) Guys, Constantin gois, 1805??1892, French watercolorist and draftsman, b. Holland. His work was published anonymously, most frequently in the Illustrated London News. Most of his witty?

Delvaux, Paul

(Encyclopedia) Delvaux, Paul, 1897?1994, Belgian painter. Delvaux, influenced by Magritte and Chirico, created meticulous surreal compositions based on Renaissance ideas of perspective and peopled?

Burges, William

(Encyclopedia) Burges, William brj?z, 1827?81, English architect. An ardent proponent of Victorian medievalism, he was prominent in the Gothic revival. Burges is known for his designs for Cork?


(Encyclopedia) Palestine p?l?st?n, city (1990 pop. 18,042), seat of Anderson co., E Tex.; inc. 1871. It is a market, processing, and rail center for a rich oil area and for the truck crops,?

Frith, William Powell

(Encyclopedia) Frith, William Powell, 1819?1909, English anecdotal and genre painter. His early paintings were illustrations, such as his Scene from a Sentimental Journey (Victoria and Albert Mus.).?


(Encyclopedia) Telluride t?ly?r?d, town (1990 pop. 1,309), seat of San Miguel co., SW Colo., on the San Miguel River in the San Juan Mts., inc. 1887. A trade center in a sheep, dairying, and mining?


(Encyclopedia) demonetization d??m?n??t?z?sh?n, governmental withdrawal of the monetary quality from particular coinage or precious metal. By demonetization former money is no longer legal tender,?

Waterhouse, Alfred

(Encyclopedia) Waterhouse, Alfred, 1830?1905, English architect. He won competitions for the Manchester assize court (1859) and the Manchester city hall (1868). This work placed him in the forefront?