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tenement house

(Encyclopedia) tenement house: see apartment house; House; housing.

Abbott, Grace

(Encyclopedia) Abbott, Grace, 1878?1939, American social worker, b. Grand Island, Nebr. She did notable work as director (1921?34) of the Child Labor Division of the U.S. Children's Bureau. The?

Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th earl of

(Encyclopedia) Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th earl of, 1801?85, English social reformer. He was known as Lord Ashley until 1851, when he succeeded his father as earl. Entering the House of?

Flagg, Ernest

(Encyclopedia) Flagg, Ernest, 1857?1947, American architect, b. Brooklyn, N.Y., studied at the cole des Beaux-Arts, Paris. The 45-story Singer Building in New York City, which he built in 1908,?

Adler, Felix

(Encyclopedia) Adler, Felix?dl?r, 1851?1933, American educator and leader in social welfare, founder of the Ethical Culture movement, b. Germany. He was brought to the United States as a small child?

Marville, Charles

(Encyclopedia) Marville, Charles, 1813?79, pioneering French photographer, b. Charles-Franois Bossu, name changed c.1831. An illustrator who drew mainly landscapes and urban scenes for use in?

Low, Seth

(Encyclopedia) Low, Seth, 1850?1916, American political reformer and college president, b. Brooklyn, N.Y., grad. Columbia, 1870. He entered his father's tea and silk importing firm, but became?

Rice, Elmer

(Encyclopedia) Rice, Elmer, 1892?1967, American dramatist, b. New York City, LL.B. New York Law School, 1912. After the success of his first play, On Trial (1914), he turned his interests to the?

Peabody, George

(Encyclopedia) Peabody, Georgep?bd?, ?b?d?, 1795?1869, American financier and philanthropist, b. South Danvers (now Peabody), Mass. At the age of 11 he was apprenticed to a grocer, and later (1814?


(Encyclopedia) housing, in general, living accommodations available for the inhabitants of a community. Throughout the 19th cent., with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, housing as a problem?