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Port Augusta

(Encyclopedia) Port Augusta, city (2016 pop. 13,808), South Australia, S Australia, at the head of Spencer Gulf. It is a railroad center and a center for solar and other renewable energy.

Ovshinsky, Stanford Robert

(Encyclopedia) Ovshinsky, Stanford Robert, 1922?2012, American inventor and scientist, b. Akron, Ohio. Self-taught, he developed a new type of lathe in the 1940s, the first of many innovations and?

Chu, Steven

(Encyclopedia) Chu, Steven, 1948?, U.S. physicist and government official, b. St. Louis, Mo., grad. Univ. of Rochester (B.S., A.B. 1970), Univ. of California, Berkeley (Ph.D. 1976). He worked from?

U.S. Energy Sources, 2006?2012

Here's a breakdown of the sources of energy in the United States for years 2006, 2009?2012: 2012 Oil 35% Natural gas 25% Coal 20% Nuclear 8%?

Energy Websites

U.S. Department of Energy: Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE): ENERGYguide: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: www.ferc.?

Earth Day: Energy

Energy: Production & Consumption Find out which countries use and produce the most energy, how much the U.S. consumes, where the largest nuclear power plants in the U.S?

energy, sources of

(Encyclopedia) energy, sources of, origins of the power used for transportation, for heat and light in dwelling and working areas, and for the manufacture of goods of all kinds, among other?

Earth Day by the Numbers

April 22, 2019, marks the 49th anniversary of Earth Day?a day intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's natural environment. Organizers started Earth Day in response to a?

Richard Branson

A billionaire businessman with a taste for derring-do, Richard Branson is the founder and CEO of the mega-corporation known as the Virgin Group. Branson's first business was music: he began selling?