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(Encyclopedia) Christadelphians kr?s?t?d?lf??nz [Gr.,=brothers of Christ], small religious denomination founded in the United States in 1848 by John Thomas. Its members live by the Scriptures and?

Christian Catholic Church

(Encyclopedia) Christian Catholic Church, religious denomination founded (1896) in Chicago by John Alexander Dowie. Its members are sometimes known as Zionites. The church has its center in Zion, Ill?

foundling hospital

(Encyclopedia) foundling hospital, institution for receiving and caring for abandoned children. In Athens and in Rome until the 4th cent., unwanted children were exposed, or left to die, in appointed?


(Encyclopedia) Adventists ?dv?n?t?sts [advent, Lat.,=coming], members of a group of related religious denominations whose distinctive doctrine centers in their belief concerning the imminent second?

Pennsylvania Dutch

(Encyclopedia) Pennsylvania Dutch [Ger. Deutsch=German], people of E Pennsylvania of German descent who migrated to the area in the 18th cent., particularly those in Northampton, Berks, Lancaster,?

The Gay Rights Movement of the 20th Century

Source: Excerpted from The Reader's Companion to American History. Copyright 1991 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Late in the [19th] century, as large cities allowed for greater anonymity, as wage?

Chauncey Judd: Religious Aspects of War

The Tories The Judd Family Religious Aspects of War A large portion or the American colonists were decided in their sentiments by what may be called their religious affinities. From?


Capitalize the following:Proper nouns and adjectives derived from proper nouns: Marie CurieChina, Chinese Smokey RobinsonDarwin, Darwinian But vocabulary words derived from proper nouns?

Preserving Civil Liberties

by Eleanor Roosevelt Address To The members of the American Civil Liberties Union Ladies and Gentlemen: I am glad you gave an award to the press tonight, because that gave them the?