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Webster, Pelatiah

(Encyclopedia) Webster, Pelatiah, 1726?95, American writer, b. Lebanon, Conn., grad. Yale, 1746. A Philadelphia businessman, he is remembered for his advocacy in his Dissertation of the Political?

Harmon, Judson

(Encyclopedia) Harmon, Judson, 1846?1927, U.S. Attorney General and governor of Ohio, b. Newton, Ohio. He was a lawyer and a judge in Cincinnati for many years and served (1895?97) ably as U.S.?

Lowndes, Rawlins

(Encyclopedia) Lowndes, Rawlins loundz, 1721?1800, president of South Carolina (1778?79), b. St. Kitts. In 1730 his family moved to Charleston, S.C., where Lowndes later became a noted lawyer. In the?

Bernstorff, Andreas Peter

(Encyclopedia) Bernstorff, Andreas Peter ndr?s p?t?r b?rnstrf, 1735?97, Danish politician; nephew of Johann Hartwig Ernst Bernstorff. Made (1773) foreign minister after Struensee's fall?

Parsons, Theophilus

(Encyclopedia) Parsons, Theophilus, 1750?1813, American jurist, b. Byfield, Mass. One of the leading lawyers in New England, he was an outstanding member of the Essex Junto, which opposed (1778) the?

Bond, Sir Robert

(Encyclopedia) Bond, Sir Robert, 1857?1927, Newfoundland political leader. He was educated in England and later entered Newfoundland politics. In 1890, he negotiated a reciprocity agreement between?

Schlter, Poul Holmskov

(Encyclopedia) Schlter, Poul Holmskov, 1929?, Danish political leader, prime minister of Denmark (1982?93). A member of the Conservative People's party, he served in the Danish parliament (1964?

Klaus, Vclav

(Encyclopedia) Klaus, Vclav vtslf klous, 1941?, Czech politician. A staunch free-market economist and leader (1991?2002) of the Civic Democratic party, he has been one of Eastern Europe's?