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(Encyclopedia) Queens, borough of New York City (1990 pop. 1,951,598), land area c.109 sq mi (293 sq km), on the western portion of Long Island, SE N.Y., coextensive with Queens co.; settled by the?

Queens College

(Encyclopedia) Queens College: see New York, City Univ. of.

Queen's University

(Encyclopedia) Queen's University, at Kingston, Ont., Canada; nondenominational; coeducational; founded 1841 as Queen's College. It achieved university status in 1912. It has faculties of?

Mahotella Queens

(Encyclopedia) Mahotella Queens m?h?t?l?, South African vocal group formed in 1964 by songwriter Robert Bopape. One of the most popular dance bands in South Africa, they often perform with the?

Queen Anne's lace

(Encyclopedia) Queen Anne's lace or wild carrot, herb (Daucus carota) of the family Umbelliferae (carrot family), native to the Old World but naturalized and often weedy throughout North America?

Queen Charlotte Islands

(Encyclopedia) Queen Charlotte Islands, archipelago of several large and many small islands, off the coast of W British Columbia, Canada. The main islands are Graham and Moresby. Masset on Graham?