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(Encyclopedia) pinnacle p?n?k?l, minor architectural motif of vertical tapering shape, usually crowning a pier, buttress, or gable. Although sometimes it appears in Renaissance design, as in the?

Pinnacles National Park

(Encyclopedia) Pinnacles National Park, c.26,000 acres (10,500 hectares), in the Gabilan Mts. of the Coast Ranges, W central Calif.; est. as a national monument 1980, designated a national park 2013?

Dells of the Wisconsin

(Encyclopedia) Dells of the Wisconsin,&sp;The Dells, or The Wisconsin Dells, scenic part of the Wisconsin River, central Wis., NW of Portage. The river has cut a deep gorge through 8 mi (12.9 km?

Arches National Park

(Encyclopedia) Arches National Park, 76,519 acres (30,979 hectares), E Utah; est. as a national monument 1929, designated a national park 1971. Located in red-rock country and overlooking the gorge?


(Encyclopedia) Hoy, island, 13 mi (21 km) long and 6 mi (9.7 km) wide, off N Scotland, second largest of the Orkney Islands. It is located at the southwestern side of the Scapa Flow anchorage. Ward?


(Encyclopedia) Koper kp?r, Ital. Capodistria, town (1991 pop. 24,704), in Slovenia, on the Istrian peninsula in the Gulf of Trieste. It is a fishing port and has salt mines and a radio factory.?


(Encyclopedia) Mahabalipuram m?hb?l?po?or?m, town, Tamil Nadu state, SE India, a coastal resort on the Coromandel Coast. Archaeological remains there represent some of the earliest-known examples?


(Encyclopedia) spire, high, tapering structure crowning a tower and having a general pyramidal outline. The simplest spires were the steeply pitched timber roofs capping Romanesque towers and?

Guarini, Guarino

(Encyclopedia) Guarini, Guarino gwr?n? gwr?n?, 1624?83, Italian architect, mathematician, and writer. He was one of the first to analyze with perceptivity the structure of medieval architecture,?