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Mikan, George Lawrence

(Encyclopedia) Mikan, George Lawrence m?k?n, 1924?2005, American basketball player, b. Joliet, Ill. After leading De Paul Univ. to the 1945 National Invitational Tournament title and being named All?

Rupp, Adolph Frederick

(Encyclopedia) Rupp, Adolph Frederick, 1901?77, American college basketball coach, b. Halstead, Kans. He attended the Univ. of Kansas (grad. 1923), and began coaching at the Univ. of Kentucky in 1930?

Smith, Dean Edwards

(Encyclopedia) Smith, Dean Edwards, 1931?2015, American college basketball coach, b. Emporia, Kans. After playing basketball at the Univ. of Kansas (grad. 1953), Smith joined (1954) the Air Force and?

College Basketball Summary

NCAA ChampionsNational Invitation Tournament (NIT) ChampionsNCAA Division I Single-Game Scoring MarksNCAA Division I Individual Career RecordsCollege Basketball2005-2006 Season


(Encyclopedia) basketball, game played generally indoors by two opposing teams of five players each. Basketball was conceived in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith, a physical education instructor at the?

1938 College Basketball Recap

Player of the YearConsensus All-America TeamMajor Conference ChampionsNIT Tournament TeamsNIT Tournament (6 Teams) The season began with the elimination of the center jump after each basket and ended?

NCAA Division I Single-Game Scoring Marks

Year PtsKevin Bradshaw, US Int'l vs. Loyola-CA 1991 72Pete Maravich, LSU vs. Alabama 1970 69Calvin Murphy, Niagara vs. Syracuse 1969 68Jay Handlan, Wash. & Lee vs. Furman 1951 66Pete?


This section provides a brief summary of the seasons from 1938 to 1994, complete NIT and NCAA tournament results, major conference champions, Player and Coach of the Year winners, and the?

2001 Masters Tournament

A historical companion to the Masters Tournament by John Gettings Tiger Woods poised to become the first reigning champion of all four major golf tournaments. Tournament Records Most victories?