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(Encyclopedia) music. For information on types of music see such articles as absolute music ; aleatory music ; chamber music ; church music ; computer music ; electronic mus...


(Encyclopedia) musicals, earlier known as musical comedies, plays that incorporate music, song, and dance. These elements move with the plot, heightening and commenting on the action. Mixing the s...

Indian music

(Encyclopedia) Indian music, of India: see Hindu music .

bluegrass music

(Encyclopedia) bluegrass music: see country and western music .

Hebrew music

(Encyclopedia) Hebrew music: see Jewish liturgical music .

popular music

(Encyclopedia) popular music: see country and western music ; folk song ; gospel music ; jazz ; rap music ; rock music . ...

absolute music

(Encyclopedia) absolute music, term used for music dependent on its structure alone for comprehension. It is the antithesis of program music . It is not associated with extramusical ideas or with a pict...

folk music

(Encyclopedia) folk music: see folk song .