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(Encyclopedia) censor s?ns?r, title of two magistrates of ancient Rome (from c.443 &BC; to the time of Domitian). They took the census (by which they assessed taxation, voting, and military?


(Encyclopedia) jeep, small, durable automotive vehicle intended for heavy-duty applications and sometimes provided with the capability of delivering driving power to all four wheels. The last feature?

Kent, Edward Augustus, duke of

(Encyclopedia) Kent, Edward Augustus, duke of, 1767?1820, fourth son of George III of Great Britain and father of Queen Victoria. Most of his mature life was spent in military service at Gibraltar,?


(Encyclopedia) primogeniture, in law, the rule of inheritance whereby land descends to the oldest son. Under the feudal system of medieval Europe, primogeniture generally governed the inheritance of?

Oldcastle, Sir John

(Encyclopedia) Oldcastle, Sir John, 1378??1417, English leader of Lollardry. He married the heiress of Lord Cobham in 1408 and was known as the good Lord Cobham. Under the rule of Henry IV he?

Wall, Richard

(Encyclopedia) Wall, Richard, 1694?1778, Spanish statesman. Born in France of Irish parents, Wall entered the Spanish military service as a young man and later held important diplomatic posts. He?

Feodor III

(Encyclopedia) Feodor III, 1661?82, czar of Russia (1676?82), son and successor of Alexis. Although an invalid, Feodor strove to carry out reforms. In 1681 he abolished the system of precedence among?


(Encyclopedia) scutage skyo?ot?j, feudal payment, usually in cash, given in lieu of actual military service due from a vassal to an overlord. It applied especially to the vassals of the king.?


(Encyclopedia) Decapolis d?k?p?l?s [Gr.,=ten cities], confederacy of 10 ancient cities, all E of the Jordan, except Scythopolis. The others were (according to Pliny) Dion, Pella, Gadara, Hippos,?

Crichton, James

(Encyclopedia) Crichton, James kr?t?n, 1560??1583?, Scottish adventurer and scholar, called the Admirable Crichton. A graduate of the Univ. of St. Andrews, he spent some time in France, possibly in?