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Buber, Martin

(Encyclopedia) Buber, Martin bo?ob?r, 1878?1965, Jewish philosopher, b. Vienna. Educated at German universities, he was active in Zionist affairs, and he taught philosophy and religion at the Univ.?

Rosenzweig, Franz

(Encyclopedia) Rosenzweig, Franz frnts r?z?ntsv?kh?, 1886?1929, German-Jewish philosopher, b. Kassel. As a youth he was thoroughly trained in German philosophy and, after a near conversion to?

Berkovits, Eliezer

(Encyclopedia) Berkovits, Eliezer ?l???z?r brk?v?ts, 1908?92, rabbi, theologian, and educator, b. Romania. He served in the rabbinate in Berlin (1934?39), in Leeds, England (1940?46), in Sydney,?


(Encyclopedia) Hasidism or Chassidismboth: h?s?d?z??m, kh?? [Heb.,=the pious], Jewish religious movement founded in Poland in the 18th cent. by Baal-Shem-Tov. Its name derives from Hasidim. Hasidism?

Heschel, Abraham Joshua

(Encyclopedia) Heschel, Abraham Joshua h?sh?l, 1907?72, American Jewish philosopher and theologian, b. Warsaw, Poland. He succeeded Martin Buber as director of the Central Organization for Jewish?


(Encyclopedia) existentialism ?gz?st?nsh?l?z?m, ?ks??, any of several philosophic systems, all centered on the individual and his relationship to the universe or to God. Important existentialists of?

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Luther Martin: Luther Martin I

Luther Martin ILuther MartinFriday, January 18, 1788by Luther MartinMr. William Goddard:Sir, As the Publication under the Signature of the Connecticut Landholder is circulating remote from?

Luther Martin: Luther Martin V

Luther Martin VLuther MartinFriday, March 28, 1788by Luther MartinNumber IIITo the Citizens of Maryland. There is, my fellow citizens, scarcely an individual of common understanding, I?