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London Bridge

(Encyclopedia) London Bridge, granite, five-arched bridge formerly over the Thames, in London, England. It is 928 ft (283 m) long and was designed by John Rennie and built between 1824 and 1831. The?

Brewer's: London Bridge built on Woolpacks

In the reign of Henry II. the new stone bridge over the Thames was paid for by a tax on wool. There was a bridge over the Thames in the tenth century. There was a new one of wood in 1014.?

Rennie, John

(Encyclopedia) Rennie, John, 1761?1821, British civil engineer. In London he designed the Waterloo (1811?17) and Southwark (1815?19) bridges. London Bridge, also designed by him, was built (1824?31)?


(Encyclopedia) Thamest?mz, Rom. Tamesis, principal river of England, c.210 mi (340 km) long. It rises in four headstreams (the Thames or Isis, Churn, Coln, and Leach) in the Cotswold Hills, E?

Tomlinson, Henry Major

(Encyclopedia) Tomlinson, Henry Major, 1873?1958, English novelist. A dockworker, then a journalist and war correspondent, he was (1917?23) literary editor of the Nation and Athenaeum. Probably his?

folk dance

(Encyclopedia) folk dance, primitive, tribal, or ethnic form of the dance, sometimes the survival of some ancient ceremony or festival. The term is used also to include characteristic national dances?

Coverdale, Miles

(Encyclopedia) Coverdale, Miles, 1488?1569, b. Yorkshire. English translator of the Bible, educated at Cambridge. Coverdale was ordained (1514) and entered the house of Augustinian friars at?

Brewer's: London Stone

The central milliarium (milestone) of Roman London, similar to that in the Forum of Rome. The British high roads radiated from this stone, and it was from this point they were measured.?

Brewer's: London

says Francis Crossley, is Luan-dun (Celtic), City of the Moon, and tradition says there was once a temple of Diana (the Moon) where St. Paul's now stands. Greenwich he derives from Grian-?

Stacy ?Fergie? Ferguson

Singer Stacy Ferguson, known as "Fergie," joined the Black Eyed Peas in 2003 and helped them top the charts with "Hey Mama" and other hits. Ferguson grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles and began?