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Taconic Mountains

(Encyclopedia) Taconic Mountains t?k?n?k, range of the Appalachian Mts., extending c.150 mi (240 km) north-south between the Green Mts. and the Hudson Valley along parts of New York's border?

Clinton, James

(Encyclopedia) Clinton, James, 1733?1812, American Revolutionary general, b. Orange co., N.Y.; brother of George Clinton and father of De Witt Clinton. He served in the French and Indian Wars and?

Long Island, battle of

(Encyclopedia) Long Island, battle of, Aug. 27, 1776, American defeat in the American Revolution. To protect New York City and the lower Hudson valley from the British forces massed on Staten Island?

Antirent War

(Encyclopedia) Antirent War, in U.S. history, tenant uprising in New York state. When Stephen Van Rensselaer, owner of Rensselaerswyck, died in 1839, his heirs attempted to collect unpaid rents.?

unidentified flying object

(Encyclopedia) unidentified flying object or UFO, an object or light reportedly seen in the sky whose appearance, trajectory, and general dynamic and luminescent behavior do not readily suggest a?

Appalachian Mountains

(Encyclopedia) Appalachian Mountains ?p?l?ch?n, ?ch??n, ?l?ch?, mountain system of E North America, extending in a broad belt c.1,600 mi (2,570 km) SW from the Gasp Peninsula in Quebec prov.,?

Clinton, Sir Henry

(Encyclopedia) Clinton, Sir Henry, 1738??1795, British general in the American Revolution, b. Newfoundland; son of George Clinton (1686??1761). He was an officer in the New York militia and then in?

Pennsylvania Dutch

(Encyclopedia) Pennsylvania Dutch [Ger. Deutsch=German], people of E Pennsylvania of German descent who migrated to the area in the 18th cent., particularly those in Northampton, Berks, Lancaster,?

Edmond Charles Gent

Edmond Charles Gent was a French diplomat whose actions in 1793 conflicted with George Washington's foreign policy and created friction between political factions in the newly formed United States?

War of 1812

(Encyclopedia) War of 1812, armed conflict between the United States and Great Britain, 1812?15. It followed a period of great stress between the two nations as a result of the treatment of neutral?