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Greenwich Village

(Encyclopedia) Greenwich Village gr?n?ch, residential district of lower Manhattan, New York City, extending S from 14th St. to Houston St. and W from Washington Square to the Hudson River. North of?

Benda, Wladyslaw Theodor

(Encyclopedia) Benda, Wladyslaw Theodor vld?slf bNd, 1873?1948, Polish American painter and illustrator, b. Poland. He studied at the Art Academy in Cracow and in Vienna, San Francisco, and New?

Provincetown Players

(Encyclopedia) Provincetown Players, American theatrical company that first introduced the plays of Eugene O'Neill. The company opened with his Bound East for Cardiff at the Wharf Theatre,?

Judson Dance Theater

(Encyclopedia) Judson Dance Theater, a loose collective of dancers, musicians, and visual artists that produced an influential series of avant-garde performance pieces at Judson Memorial Church in?

Jones, Robert Edmond

(Encyclopedia) Jones, Robert Edmond, 1887?1954, American scene designer, b. Milton, N.H. With his design in 1915 for The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife, a new era of scene design began in the United?

Simkhovitch, Mary Kingsbury

(Encyclopedia) Simkhovitch, Mary Kingsbury s?mk?v?ch, 1867?1951, American social worker, b. Chestnut Hill, Mass., grad. Boston Univ., 1890. After further study at Radcliffe, Columbia, and the Univ.?

Beard, James

(Encyclopedia) Beard, James, 1903?85, American cooking teacher, b. Portland Oregon. His interest in food was encouraged by his mother, who had been a hotel proprietor. He was a syndicated columnist,?

Abbott, Berenice

(Encyclopedia) Abbott, Berenice b?r??n?s, 1898?1991, American photographer, b. Springfield, Ohio. Abbott, who had left (1918) the Midwest for Greenwich Village, then (1921) Paris, had become a?

Segal, George

(Encyclopedia) Segal, George, 1924?2000, American sculptor, b. New York City, grad. Rutgers (B.A., 1950; M.A., 1963). An influential member of the pop art movement, Segal is known for his tableaux of?

Bodenheim, Maxwell

(Encyclopedia) Bodenheim, Maxwell b?d?nh?m, 1893?1954, American novelist and poet, b. Hermanville, Miss. His poetry, which incorporates many techniques of the imagists, is cynical and often dwells?