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Easter Island

(Encyclopedia) Easter Island, Span. Isla de Pascua, Polynesian Rapa Nui, remote island (1992 pop. 2,770), 66 sq mi (171 sq km), in the South Pacific, c.2,200 mi (3,540 km) W of Chile, to which it?

Rapa Nui

(Encyclopedia) Rapa Nui: see Easter Island.


(Encyclopedia) Polynesia p?l?n?zh?, ?sh? [Gr.,=many islands], one of the three main divisions of Oceania, in the central and S Pacific Ocean. The larger islands are volcanic; the smaller ones are?

Heyerdahl, Thor

(Encyclopedia) Heyerdahl, Thor h??rdl?, h??, 1914?2002, Norwegian explorer and anthropologist, b. Larvik. He carried out research in the Marquesas Islands in 1937?38 and studied the indigenous?

Dos Passos, John Roderigo

(Encyclopedia) Dos Passos, John Roderigo, 1896?1970, American novelist, b. Chicago, grad. Harvard, 1916. He subsequently studied in Spain and served as a World War I ambulance driver in France and?


(Encyclopedia) writing, the visible recording of language peculiar to the human species. Writing enables the transmission of ideas over vast distances of time and space and is a prerequisite of?

Oceanic art

(Encyclopedia) Oceanic art, works produced by the island peoples of the S and NW Pacific, including Melanesia (New Guinea and the islands to its north and east), Micronesia (Mariana, Caroline,?

Earth's Greatest Volcanic Field

The largest known concentration of active volcanoes on Earth was discovered by scientists aboard the research vessel Melville (Nov. 1992?Jan. 1993). The vast volcanic cluster is situated?

Pacific Ocean

(Encyclopedia) Pacific Ocean, largest and deepest ocean, c.70,000,000 sq mi (181,300,000 sq km), occupying about one third of the earth's surface; named by the explorer Ferdinand Magellan; the?


(Encyclopedia) inscription, writing on durable material. The art is called epigraphy. Modern inscriptions are made for permanent, monumental record, as on gravestones, cornerstones, and building?