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(Encyclopedia) Catalonia k?t?l?n??, Catalan Catalunya, Span. Catalua, autonomous community (2011 pop. 7,519,843), 12,390 sq mi (32,090 sq km), NE Spain, stretching from the Pyrenees at the French?

Maci, Francesc

(Encyclopedia) Maci, Francesc frns?sk m?s?, 1859?1933, Spanish politician, Catalan nationalist leader. An army officer, he joined the separatist movement in Catalonia and was elected to the?


(Encyclopedia) Badalona b???l?n?, city (1990 pop. 225,207), Barcelona prov., NE Spain, in Catalonia. It is a Mediterranean port and an important industrial suburb of Barcelona, with textile,?

John II

(Encyclopedia) John II, 1397?1479, king of Aragn and Sicily (1458?79), king of Navarre (1425?79), count of Barcelona. He succeeded his brother, Alfonso V, in Aragn, Catalonia, and Sicily and became?

Cabrera, Ramn, conde de Morella

(Encyclopedia) Cabrera, Ramn, conde de Morella rm?n kbr?r k?nd? d? m??r?ly, 1806?77, Spanish Carlist general. Noted for his valor and cruelty during the first Carlist war (see Carlists), he?

Companys, Llus

(Encyclopedia) Companys, Llus lyo?o?s k?mpn?s, 1883?1940, Spanish politician; Catalan nationalist leader. In 1933 he was elected president of autonomous Catalonia to succeed Francesc Maci.?

Mas i Gavarr, Artur

(Encyclopedia) Mas i Gavarr, Artur, 1956?, Catalonian nationalist leader, b. Barcelona, grad. Univ. of Barcelona. An economist, he was the head of the Democratic Convergence of Catalonia (CDC), a?


(Encyclopedia) Matar mt?r?, city (1990 pop. 100,882), Barcelona prov., NE Spain, in Catalonia. It is a Mediterranean port and a manufacturing center, producing knitted goods, wine, and chemicals.?


(Encyclopedia) Terrassa t?r-rss? or Tarrasatr-rs, town (1990 pop. 161,682), Barcelona prov., NE Spain, in Catalonia. It is an industrial town, long famous for its woolen textiles. The town?

Costa Brava

(Encyclopedia) Costa Brava k?st brv, a strip of coastline, Girona prov., NE Spain, in Catalonia, near the French border on the Mediterranean. One of the most agriculturally rich areas of Spain,?