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(Encyclopedia) Calvinism, term used in several different senses. It may indicate the teachings expressed by John Calvin himself; it may be extended to include all that developed from his doctrine and?

Calvin, John

(Encyclopedia) Calvin, John, 1509?64, French Protestant theologian of the Reformation, b. Noyon, Picardy. Early Life Calvin early prepared for an ecclesiastical career; from 1523 to 1528 he studied?

Klein, Calvin Richard

(Encyclopedia) Klein, Calvin Richard kl?n, 1942?, American fashion designer, b. New York City. In 1968 he established Calvin Klein Limited, which produced clothes and accessories bearing his hallmark?

Calvin, Melvin

(Encyclopedia) Calvin, Melvin, 1911?97, American organic chemist and educator, b. St. Paul, Minn., grad. Michigan College of Mining and Technology, 1931, Ph.D. Univ. of Minnesota, 1935. In 1937 he?

Bridges, Calvin Blackman

(Encyclopedia) Bridges, Calvin Blackman, 1889?1938, American geneticist, b. Schuyler Falls, N.Y., grad. Columbia (B.S., 1912; Ph.D., 1916). In his research he collaborated with T. H. Morgan, A. H.?

Stowe, Calvin Ellis

(Encyclopedia) Stowe, Calvin Ellis st?, 1802?86, American educator, b. Natick, Mass., grad. Bowdoin College, 1824, and Andover Theological Seminary, 1828; husband of Harriet Beecher Stowe. He was?

Kendall, Edward Calvin

(Encyclopedia) Kendall, Edward Calvin, 1886?1972, American biochemist, b. South Norwalk, Conn., grad. Columbia (B.S., 1908; Ph.D., 1910). At St. Luke's Hospital, New York City, he did research?

Coolidge, Calvin

(Encyclopedia) Coolidge, Calvin, 1872?1933, 30th President of the United States (1923?29), b. Plymouth, Vt. John Calvin Coolidge was a graduate of Amherst College and was admitted to the bar in 1897?

John Calvin

Name at birth: Jean CauvinFew theologians have had more influence on Western Christian thought and culture than John Calvin, one of the fathers of the Reformed branch of Protestant Christianity.?

Calvin Coolidge

Name at birth: John Calvin CoolidgeFamed for his taciturn New England attitude and no-nonsense approach to governance, Calvin Coolidge was president of the United States from 1923-1929. As the?