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(Encyclopedia) Caledonia k??l?d?n??, Roman name for that part of the island of Great Britain that lies N of the firths of Clyde and Forth. The name first occurs in the works of Lucan (1st cent.?

New Caledonia

(Encyclopedia) New Caledonia, Fr. Nouvelle Caldonie, officially Territory of New Caledonia and Dependencies, internally self-governing dependency of France (2015 est. pop. 269,000), land area 7,241?

New Caledonia and Dependencies

Infoplease has everything you need to know about New Caledonia and Dependencies. Check out our countryprofile, full of essential information about New Caledonia and Dependencies'sgeography, history?

Brewer's: Caledonia

Scotland. A corruption of Celyddon, a Celtic word meaning ?a dweller in woods and forests.? The word Celt is itself a contraction of the same word (Celyd), and means the same thing. ?Sees?

New Caledonia Map

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Caledonia County, VT Census Data

Vermont Caledonia County, Vermont People QuickFactsCaledonia CountyVermontPopulation, 2005 estimate 30,440623,050Population, percent change, April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2005 2.5%2.3%Population,?

Caledonia County, VT Housing Statistics

Caledonia county vermont dp 4 profile of selected housing characteristics SubjectNumberPercent Total housing units14,504100.0UNITS IN STRUCTURE1-unit, detached9,90868.31-unit,?

Caledonia County, VT Economic Statistics

Caledonia county vermont dp 3 profile of selected economic characteristics SubjectNumberPercent EMPLOYMENT STATUSPopulation 16 years and over23,128100.0In labor force15,52567.?

Caledonia County, VT Social Statistics

Caledonia county vermont dp 2 profile of selected social characteristics SubjectNumberPercent SCHOOL ENROLLMENTPopulation 3 years and over enrolled in school7,986100.0Nursery school,?