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Kildare, James Fitzgerald, 20th earl of

(Encyclopedia) Kildare, James Fitzgerald, 20th earl of k?ldr, 1722?73, Irish nobleman. He sat in the Irish House of Commons from 1741 until 1744, when he succeeded as earl of Kildare. He was?

Isaacs, Sir Isaac Alfred

(Encyclopedia) Isaacs, Sir Isaac Alfred ?z?ks, 1855?1948, Australian jurist and political leader. He sat in the colonial legislature (1892?1901), became solicitor general (1893), and served as?

Canning, Charles John Canning, Earl

(Encyclopedia) Canning, Charles John Canning, Earl, 1812?62, British statesman; third son of George Canning. Succeeding to the peerage conferred on his mother, he took his seat as Viscount Canning in?

Kayah State

(Encyclopedia) Kayah State k?y, formerly Karenni Statek?r?n?, state (1983 pop. 168,355), 4,506 sq mi (11,671 sq km), E Myanmar, on the Thai border. Loikaw is the capital. The terrain is?


(Encyclopedia) Jersey jrz?, island (2005 est. pop. 90,800), 45 sq mi (117 sq km), in the English Channel, largest of the Channel Islands, which are dependencies of the British crown. It is 15 mi (?


(Encyclopedia) veto [Lat.,=I forbid], power of one functionary (e.g., the president) of a government, or of one member of a group or coalition, to block the operation of laws or agreements passed or?

Cayman Islands

(Encyclopedia) Cayman Islands k?m?n, British dependency (2015 est. pop. 60,000), 100 sq mi (259 sq km), comprising three low-lying islands in the West Indies. George Town, the capital and chief port?

Saint Helena

(Encyclopedia) Saint Helena h?l?n?, island, 47 sq mi (122 sq km), in the S Atlantic Ocean, 1,200 mi (1,931 km) W of Africa. Together with the islands of Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, it comprises?


(Encyclopedia) Barbuda, island (2011 pop. 1,638), 62 sq mi (161 sq km), a dependency of Antigua and Barbuda). Located in the central Leeward Islands, Barbuda lies 25 mi (40 km) N of Antigua. A flat?


(Encyclopedia) Guelphs gw?lfs, European dynasty tracing its descent from the Swabian count Guelph or Welf (9th cent.), whose daughter Judith married the Frankish emperor Louis I. Guelph III (d. 1055?