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Bellevue Hospital

(Encyclopedia) Bellevue Hospital, municipal hospital, in New York City. America's oldest public hospital, Bellevue developed from a Publick Workhouse and House of Correction commissioned in 1734?

Goldberger, Joseph

(Encyclopedia) Goldberger, Joseph, 1874?1929, American medical research worker, b. Austria-Hungary, grad. Bellevue Hospital Medical College, 1895. He came to the United States at the age of six. He?

MacCracken, Henry Mitchell

(Encyclopedia) MacCracken, Henry Mitchell, 1840?1918, American educator, b. Oxford, Ohio, grad. Miami Univ. (Ohio), 1857. After a brief teaching career MacCracken entered the Presbyterian ministry in?

Welch, William Henry

(Encyclopedia) Welch, William Henry, 1850?1934, American pathologist, b. Norfolk, Conn., grad. Yale (B.A., 1870), M.D. College of Physicians and Surgeons (now part of Columbia Univ., 1875). After?

Gorgas, William Crawford

(Encyclopedia) Gorgas, William Crawford, 1854?1920, American disease and sanitation expert, surgeon general of the United States, b. Mobile, Ala., grad. Bellevue Hospital Medical College, 1879. He?

Foster, Stephen Collins

(Encyclopedia) Foster, Stephen Collins, 1826?64, American songwriter and composer, b. Lawrenceville, Pa. His pioneer family was aware of his talent for music, but not understanding it they provided?

The First Ambulance Service

The Question: Who invented the ambulance vehicle? The Answer: Vehicles used to transport soldiers injured during battle date back to 11th?


ABCMidseason debutThursday 10:00?11:00 p.m.; canceledCast:Ted Levine, Martin Donovan, Michelle Forbes, Billy Burke, Michael Jai White, and Joelle Carter ABC took a big chance with Wonderland?

John Harvey Kellogg Biography

John Harvey Kelloggsurgeon, advocate of dietary reformBorn: 2/26/1852Birthplace: Tyrone Township, Mich. After studying medicine at Bellevue Hospital Medical College, he worked at a sanitarium?