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Baja California

(Encyclopedia) Baja California Span.: bh kl?f?rny, state (1990 pop. 1,660,855), 27,628 sq mi (71,576 sq km), NW Mexico, on the Baja California peninsula. Mexicali is the capital. A rapidly?

Baja California

(Encyclopedia) Baja CaliforniaSpan.: bh kl?f?rny or Lower California, peninsula, c.760 mi (1,220 km) long and from 30 to 150 mi (48?241 km) wide, NW Mexico, separating the Gulf of California?

Baja California Sur

(Encyclopedia) Baja California Sur Span.: bh kl?f?rny so?or, state (1990 pop. 317,764), 27,571 sq mi (71,428 sq km), NW Mexico, on the S Baja California peninsula. La Paz is the capital. Most?


(Encyclopedia) Mexicali m?h?kl?, city (1990 pop. 438,377), capital of Baja California state, NW Mexico, across the border from Calexico, Calif. Once noted chiefly as the center of a cotton- and?

Los Cabos

(Encyclopedia) Los Cabos, resort area centered on the towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jos del Cabo, Baja California Sur state, Mexico, encompassing much of the S tip of the Baja California peninsula?


(Encyclopedia) Ensenada ents?nd?, city (1990 pop. 259,979), Baja California state, NW Mexico. Developed in the 19th cent., Ensenada is the oldest deep-sea port in Baja California and is one of the?


(Encyclopedia) Calexico k?l?ks?k?, city (1990 pop. 18,633), Imperial co., S Calif., at the Mexican border; inc. 1908. A port of entry from adjacent Mexicali, Baja California, it is also a trade?

Coast Ranges

(Encyclopedia) Coast Ranges, series of mountain ranges along the Pacific coast of North America, extending from SE Alaska to Baja California; from 2,000 to 20,000 ft (610?6,100 m) high. The ranges?