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Appalachian Mountains

(Encyclopedia) Appalachian Mountains ?p?l?ch?n, ?ch??n, ?l?ch?, mountain system of E North America, extending in a broad belt c.1,600 mi (2,570 km) SW from the Gasp Peninsula in Quebec prov.,?


(Encyclopedia) Appalachia, region: see Appalachian Mountains.

Great Valley

(Encyclopedia) Great Valley: see under Appalachian Mountains.

Black Mountains

(Encyclopedia) Black Mountains: see Appalachian Mountains; Mitchell, Mount.

Sharp, Cecil James

(Encyclopedia) Sharp, Cecil James, 1859?1924, English musician, best known for his researches in English folk music. In 1911 he founded the English Folk Dance Society. In the United States he?

Gasp Peninsula

(Encyclopedia) Gasp Peninsula or Gaspsiegsp?z?, tongue of land, E Que., Canada, between the estuary of the St. Lawrence River on the north and Chaleur Bay on the south, and extending eastward?

Carter Family

(Encyclopedia) Carter Family, group of singers that specialized in traditional music of the Southern Appalachian Mountains; it consisted of A(lvin) P(leasant) Carter, 1891?1960, b. Maces Spring, Va?

Devonian period

(Encyclopedia) Devonian period d?v?n??n, fourth period of the Paleozoic era of geologic time between 408 and 360 million years ago (see Geologic Timescale, table). It was named (1838) by the?

Silurian period

(Encyclopedia) Silurian period s?lo?or??n, s?? [from the Silures, ancient tribe of S Wales, where the period was first studied; named by the British geologist R. I. Murchison], third period of the?