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Weill, Sanford I.

(Encyclopedia) Weill, Sanford I. w?l, 1933?, American business executive, b. Brooklyn, N.Y. A graduate of Cornell (1955), Sandy Weill went to work for a New York brokerage house, and in 1960 helped?

Fargo, William George

(Encyclopedia) Fargo, William George, 1818?81, American pioneer expressman, b. Pompey, N.Y. He had been successively a postrider, freight agent, messenger, and resident agent (1843) for an express?

Butterfield, John

(Encyclopedia) Butterfield, John, 1801?69, American stagecoach proprietor and expressman, b. near Albany, N.Y. Beginning as a stage driver out of Albany, he rose to ownership of a large network of?

credit card

(Encyclopedia) credit card, device used to obtain consumer credit at the time of purchasing an article or service. Credit cards may be issued by a business, such as a department store or an oil?

Howard Clark 2001 Deaths

Howard ClarkAge: 84 business executive who transformed American Express from a young, unstable company into an industry giant. He took over as president and chief executive of the company in?

Robert Townsend Biography

Robert Townsendbusiness executiveBorn: 1920Birthplace: Washington, D.C. Townsend used his early experiences as a banker at American Express Co (1948?62) to redirect Avis Rent-a-Car. Under his?

Dee Ward Hock Biography

Dee Ward Hockfinancial services pioneerBorn: 1930Birthplace: Utah Lack of a formal education did not prevent Hock from foreseeing the future of financial services, where he catapulted his own?

Jay Schulberg 2005 Deaths

Jay SchulbergAge: 65 advertising executive responsible for such memorable ads as American Express's ?Don't leave home without it? and the milk industry's campaign that featured celebrities?

Lloyd Cutler 2005 Deaths

Lloyd CutlerAge: 87 influential attorney and mediator who served as White House counsel to presidents Carter and Clinton. He also was a member of President Bush's commission that investigated?

Shelly Lazarus Biography

Shelly Lazarusadvertising executiveBorn: 1947Birthplace: New York City Shelly Braff graduated from Smith College in 1968 and earned an MBA from Columbia University in 1970, where she was one?