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(Encyclopedia) Amazon ?m?z?n, in Greek mythology, one of a tribe of warlike women who lived in Asia Minor. The Amazons had a matriarchal society, in which women fought and governed while men?


(Encyclopedia) Amazon, Port. Amazonasmz?n?s, world's second longest river, c.3,900 mi (6,280 km) long, formed by the junction in N Peru's Andes Mts. of two major headstreams, the Ucayali?

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A horsewoman, a fighting or masculine woman. The word means without breast, or rather, ?deprived of a pap.? According to Grecian story, there was a nation of women in Africa of a very?

Trans-Amazon Highway

(Encyclopedia) Trans-Amazon Highway, road, c.3,000 mi (4,830 km) long, traversing N central Brazil. The highway, stretching from the Atlantic coast to the Peruvian border, is an important factor in?


(Encyclopedia) pororoca, tidal bore: see Amazon, river, Brazil; bore.


(Encyclopedia) Solimes, river, Brazil: see Amazon, river.


(Encyclopedia) Penthesilea p?n?th?s?l??, in Greek mythology, an Amazon queen. In the Trojan War, she led a troop of Amazons against the Greeks. She was killed by Achilles, who then fell in love with?

Acua, Cristbal de

(Encyclopedia) Acua, Cristbal de kr?st?bl d? ako?ony, 1597?1676?, Spanish Jesuit missionary and explorer in South America, rector of the Jesuit college at Cuenca, Ecuador. In 1638 he was sent?


(Encyclopedia) Maran, river, c.1,000 mi (1,600 km) long, rising in Lake Lauricaucha in the Cordillera Occidental, W central Peru. It flows generally NW, then E across the Andes to join the Ucayali?

Teixeira, Pedro

(Encyclopedia) Teixeira, Pedro p?dro?o t?sh?r?, d. 1640, Portuguese explorer, one of the early voyagers on the Amazon. He commanded the expedition sent by the governor of Maranho up the Amazon in?