2000 Olympic Medalists by Name: R

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Marion Jones winning the 100 meter dash on July 15, 2000; Source/AP Photos


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Date Event Gold Silver Bronze
10/1 Women's Individual All-Around Yulia Barsukova
Russian Federation
Yulia Raskina
Alina Kabaeva
Russian Federation
9/30 Women's Group All-Around Russian Federation Belarus Greece

Date Event Gold Silver Bronze
9/24 Men's Quadruple Sculls Italy The Netherlands Germany
9/24 Men's Eight Great Britain Australia Croatia
9/24 Men's Ltwt Double Sculls Poland Italy France
9/24 Men's Ltwt Coxless Four France Australia Denmark
9/24 Women's Quadruple Sculls Germany Great Britain Russian Federation
9/24 Women's Eight Romania The Netherlands Canada
9/24 Women's Ltwt Double Sculls Romania Germany United States
9/23 Men's Single Sculls New Zealand Switzerland Germany
9/23 Men's Coxless Pair France United States Australia
9/23 Men's Double Sculls Slovenia Norway Italy
9/23 Men's Coxless Four Great Britain Italy Australia
9/23 Women's Single Sculls Belarus Bulgaria Germany
9/23 Women's Coxless Pair Romania Australia United States
9/23 Women's Double Sculls Germany The Netherlands Lithuania

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