NFL Preview: AFC East

Updated November 30, 2022 | Infoplease Staff

Indianapolis, NY Jets, Buffalo, New England, Miami

by Mike Morrison


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1. Indianapolis—Manning, James, and Harrison have officially become the Aikman, Smith and Irvin of the new decade. Like their predecessors, they'll win a couple of Super Bowls before they're through.

2. NY Jets—Don't be fooled. The Tuna is still coaching the team, but the loss of Belichick will be noticeable. Vinny's back, but with no Keyshawn, Curtis Martin will need to score 15 TDs for this team to make the playoffs. He just might.

3. Buffalo—Beginning a season with your two quarterbacks bickering at each other is never good. Way to go, Wade. Doug Flutie's groin injury may make the problem go away for a while, but not forever.

4. New England—The defense under Belichick should be one of the best in the NFL, especially if Willie McGinest can stay healthy. But it's the same old thing with the Pats. With no running game and a weak offensive line, it could be a long year for Drew Bledsoe.

5. Miami—Like the Bills' Wade Phillips, new Dolphins coach Dave Wannstedt has two quarterbacks to choose from. The difference is - Phillips has two good quarterbacks to choose from.

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