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The world is a very busy place, and it's hard to stay on top of everything. Infoplease has got you covered. Here are the US news events you need to know so far for April 2022:

  1. Actress Kathryn Hays of “As The World Turns” Fame Dies At 87
  2. New Gun Regulations Expected To Be Announced By Biden
  3. Texas Ends Extra Truck Checks, Easing the US-Mexico Border Gridlock
  4. Twitter Pulls A "Poison Pill" Move To Fight Musk's Intended Takeover
  5. Three Month Old Kidnapped Monday In San Jose, California, Has Been Found By Authorities
  6. Biden Pardons Three People In His First Act Of Clemency

Actress Kathryn Hays of “As The World Turns” Fame Dies At 87

As The World Turns Kathryn Hays

Photo Source: Nostalgia Central

Monday, April 11, 2022 - Golden Hollywood mourns the loss of a favorite actress, Kathryn Hay. Originally arriving on the silver screen as Kay Piper, Hay quickly rose through the ranks of actresses and went on to star in the popular television soap opera “As The World Turns” as one of the main characters Kim Sullivan Hughes.

After delighting audiences around the world for nearly 40 years on that television program, as well as appearances in “Star Trek”, “The Man From U.N.C.L.E”, and “Law & Order”, Hays passed away in her Connecticut home at the end of March, leaving a palpable hole in the fabric of the acting world.
Source: NBC News

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New Gun Regulations Expected To Be Announced By Biden

Gun Regulations

Photo Source: CNN

Monday, April 11, 2022 - President Joe Biden has cracked down on gun violence and the prevalence of unregulated firearms throughout the United States, and is expected to release stricter gun-ownership regulations imminently. On top of this new ruling on what are called “ghost guns”, or firearms that can be made from a kit at home or even 3D-printed, thus circumventing government regulations, Biden is about to appoint a new nominee to head the ATF or Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

These changes come as Biden’s administration focuses on ending unregulated gun ownership, untrained persons, and problematic firearm distribution, including a variety of charges leveled against individuals found with uncontrolled weaponry.
Source: CNN

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Texas Ends Extra Truck Checks, Easing the US-Mexico Border Gridlock

Trucks on the border

Photo Source: iStock

Sunday, April 17, 2022 - Known as Title 42, the policy has effectively closed the US border to a large number of asylum seekers, thus allowing the authorities to turn people away without giving them a chance to apply for protection in the US. Over 1.7 million Title 42 expulsions have been carried out since the order was implemented in March 2020 under former President Donald Trump's administration. Abbott referred to the intense truck inspections as a “zero-tolerance policy for unsafe vehicles” smuggling refugees and migrants and said Texas would take several steps in response to the end of the asylum restrictions.

He also had two chartered buses carrying refugees and migrants from Texas to Washington, DC, to send a message to President Joe Biden, with a third one arriving on Friday. The American Trucking Association called the implemented measures “wholly flawed, redundant and adding considerable weight on an already strained supply chain."

Sid Miller, the Texas Agriculture Commissioner who is a fellow Republican said the measures would “quickly lead to $2.00 lemons, $5.00 avocados and worse”. Pressure has been steadily building up for the governor to end the enhanced truck inspections from Mexico as frustrations increased and the gridlock worsened.
Source: AlJazeera

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Twitter Pulls A "Poison Pill" Move To Fight Musk's Intended Takeover


Photo Source: BBC

Sunday, April 17, 2022 - A day after Elon Musk made his offer of $43 billion to buy Twitter, the company's board armed itself against a possible hostile takeover by adopting a move commonly known as a "poison pill", which simply is a "limited-duration shareholder rights plan." The move pulled by the board prevents any stakeholder from having more than a 15% stake in the company by allowing others at a discount, to buy additional shares.

The Twitter board put out a statement saying its move was needed because of Musk's "unsolicited, non-binding proposal to acquire Twitter". It also detailed is defence plan to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. A poison pill is "one of those last lines of defence against a hostile bid takeover" according to Josh White, a former financial economist for the Securities and Exchange Commission to the BBC. He also added that the board had made it clear "that they don't feel like it's a high enough value for the company".
Source: BBC

Do you want to learn more about American politics and other fascinating parts of the bureaucratic process? Check out our Constitutional timeline to explore more changes that have been made to various legislations.

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Three-Month-Old Kidnapped Monday In San Jose, California, Has Been Found By Authorities

Kidnapped Baby Brandon Cueller

Photo Source: ABC News

Tuesday, April 26, 2022 - Three-month-old Brandon Cueller, who was kidnapped on Monday in San Jose, California as his grandmother unloaded groceries into the apartment, has been found alive by the authorities.  A suspected perpetrator had been caught in a surveillance camera walking down a street in North Carolina carrying a car seat covered with a white blanket and the video had been released to the public. The police told reporters that the baby had been taken during the short time his grandmother had been unloading the groceries.

It happened in approximately two minutes and no one else, including the infant’s mother who was at work, was at home when the man entered their home and took him. As of Monday night, the San Jose police department spokesperson Christian Camarillo said the FBI Child Abduction Rescue Team was helping in the investigations and along with the police, the FBI was going to conduct door-to-door searches to find potential witnesses and information.
Source: CNN

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Biden Pardons Three People In His First Act Of Clemency

White House

Photo Source: iStock

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 - The US president Joe Biden has pardoned three people on Tuesday in the first act of clemency, including the first African American to serve on presidential security detail, Abraham W Bolden Sr, 86, who was convicted in 1964 on bribery charges.

The White House also announced that the prison sentences of 75 other people have also been shortened, most of whom were serving on low-level drug offenses. The president is granted the authority to forgive convictions or shorten sentences by the US constitution. Tuesday's grants of clemency are the first of the Biden administration." America is a nation of laws and second chances, redemption, and rehabilitation," the president said.
Source: BBC

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