2000–2001 Television Schedule

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MondayABC20/20Monday Night Football
CBSKing of QueensYes, DearEverybody Loves RaymondBeckerFamily Law
NBCDaddioTuckerDeadlineThird Watch
FOXBoston PublicAlly McBeal
UPNMoeshaThe ParkersThe HughleysGirlfriends
WB7th HeavenRoswell
TuesdayABCWho Wants to Be a MillionaireDharma & GregThe Geena Davis ShowOnce and Again
CBSJAG60 Minutes IIJudging Amy
NBCThe Michael Richards Show3rd Rock from the SunFrasierDAGDateline NBC
FOXThat '70s ShowTitusDark Angel
WBBuffy the Vampire SlayerAngel
WednesdayABCWho Wants to Be a MillionaireThe Drew Carey ShowSpin CityGideon's Crossing
CBSBetteWelcome to New YorkCBS Wednesday Movie
NBCTitansThe West WingLaw & Order
FOXMalcolm in the MiddleNormal, OhioThe Street
UPNSeven DaysStar Trek: Voyager
WBDawson's CreekFelicity
ThursdayABCWhose Line Is It Anyway?Whose Line Is It Anyway?Who Wants to Be a MillionairePrimetime Thursday
CBS48 HoursCity of AngelsDiagnosis Murder
NBCFriendsThe Weber ShowWill & GraceJust Shoot MeER
FOXFox Thursday Night Movie
UPNWWF Smackdown!
WBGilmore GirlsCharmed
FridayABCTwo Guys and a GirlThe Trouble with NormalNormMadigan Men20/20
CBSThe FugitiveC.S.I.Nash Bridges
NBCProvidenceDateline NBCLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit
FOXWorld's Wildest Police VideosFreakylinks
UPNFreedomLevel 9
WBThe Jamie Foxx ShowThe Jamie Foxx ShowThe Steve Harvey ShowFor Your Love
SaturdayABCABC Saturday Night Movie
CBSThat's LifeWalker, Texas RangerThe District
NBCSaturday Night Movie
FOXCopsCops 2America's Most Wanted

SundayABCThe Wonderful World of DisneyWho Wants to Be a MillionaireThe Practice
CBS60 MinutesTouched by an AngelCBS Sunday Night Movie
NBCDateline NBCEdNBC Sunday Night Movie
FOXFuturamaKing of the HillThe SimpsonsMalcolm in the MiddleThe X-Files
WB7th Heaven: BeginningsThe Steve Harvey ShowFor Your LoveHypeNikki

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