Gideon's Crossing

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Wednesday 10:00–11:00 p.m.
Cast:Andre Braugher, Ruben Blades, Rhona Mitra, Russell Hornsby, Eric Dane, Ravi Kapoor, Sophie Keller, Brian Wiltshire, Jascha Washington, Meagan Gregory

Just what network television needs: another medical drama. But Gideon's Crossing is different from ER and others of its ilk. First, Gideon's Crossing is dialogue driven, almost exhaustingly so. It's also an intense, fast-paced look at experimental medicine—often the last hope for terminally ill patients. But the show would be nothing without Andre Braugher, himself an intense, intelligent actor. The grim details and bleak portrayal of the American healthcare system combine to make for a challenging watch.

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