Longest Celebrity Marriages: Kirk Douglas and Anne Buydens

Sometimes it seems as though true Hollywood romance lives only on the screen, with real-life relationships as fleeting as the roll of the credits. The flesh-and-blood couples pictured here have faced their share of ugly truths about life and each other, but still offer proof that there is such a thing as long-term commitment among celebrities. Click through to see which Hollywood stars have earned their place among the longest-lasting celebrity marriages.

Catherine McNiff

Kirk Douglas and Anne Buydens
62 years
kirk and anne douglas in 1957
On May 29, 2016, actor/producer/writer/director Kirk Douglas and film company president/producer/actress Anne Buydens will celebrate 62 years of marriage. They met in Paris while Kirk was filming Act of Love, they married the next year in Las Vegas and reconfirmed their vows for their 50th wedding anniversary during a traditional Jewish ceremony (Anne converted before the event). This long-lived marriage is the second for both; Kirk has four children: Michael and Joel (with Diana Dill), and Peter and Eric (with Anne).

Married: May 29, 1954; pictured here: Oct. 22, 1957
Photo source: AP Photo
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