Longest Celebrity Marriages: Bob and Ginny Newhart

Catherine McNiff

Bob and Ginny Newhart
53 years
bob and ginny newhart in 1985
Ginny and Bob Newhart met on a blind date set up by fellow comedian Buddy Hackett in Los Angeles in 1962. Married the next year, they have shared many laughs and tears during their 53-year marriage. In an interview with City & Shore magazine in 2013, Ginny described the perfect evening with her husband: "It depends on the energy we have. A special evening would be with friends, to go out for great food, but then other times I'm very happy being home. We've traveled so much in our lives that we kind of like being home." They have four children, Robert, Timothy, Jennifer, Courtney.

Married: Jan. 12, 1963; pictured here: Jan. 26, 1985
Photo source: AP Photo/Lennox McLendon
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