Large Islands of the World



The following table lists the world's largest islands including the name, location, political affiliation, and land area. Greenland is the world's largest island covering 2,175,597 square kilometers.

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IslandLocation and political affiliationsq. mi.sq. km
GreenlandNorth Atlantic (Danish)839,9992,175,597
New GuineaSouthwest Pacific (West Papua [Irian Jaya], Indonesia, western part; Papua New Guinea, eastern part)309,000800,311
BorneoWest mid-Pacific (Indonesian, south part; Brunei and Malaysian, north part)287,300744,108
MadagascarIndian Ocean (Malagasy Republic)227,000587,931
BaffinNorth Atlantic (Canadian)195,926507,451
SumatraNortheast Indian Ocean (Indonesian)182,859473,605
HonshuSea of Japan–Pacific (Japanese)89,176230,966
Great BritainOff coast of NW Europe (England, Scotland, and Wales)88,795229,979
VictoriaArctic Ocean (Canadian)83,896217,291
EllesmereArctic Ocean (Canadian)75,767196,236
Sulawesi (Celebes)West mid-Pacific (Indonesian)73,057189,218
South IslandSouth Pacific (New Zealand)58,384151,215
JavaIndian Ocean (Indonesian)51,038132,189
North IslandSouth Pacific (New Zealand)44,702115,778
CubaCaribbean Sea (republic)42,803110,860
NewfoundlandNorth Atlantic (Canadian)42,031108,860
LuzonWest mid-Pacific (Philippines)40,420104,688
IcelandNorth Atlantic (republic)39,800103,082
MindanaoWest mid-Pacific (Philippines)36,53794,631
IrelandWest of Great Britain (republic, south part; United Kingdom, north part)32,59784,426
HokkaidoSea of Japan–Pacific (Japanese)32,24583,515
Sakhalin (Karafuto)North of Japan (Russian)29,50076,405
Hispaniola Caribbean Sea (Dominican Republic, east part; Haiti, west part)29,30075,887
BanksArctic Ocean (Canadian)27,03870,028
TasmaniaSouth of Australia (Australian)26,20067,858
Sri Lanka (Ceylon)Indian Ocean (republic)24,90064,491
DevonArctic Ocean (Canadian)21,33155,247
Tierra del FuegoSouthern tip of South America (Argentinian, east part; Chilean, west part)18,60548,187
Axel HeibergArctic Ocean (Canadian)16,67143,178
MelvilleArctic Ocean (Canadian)16,27442,149
KyushuSea of Japan–Pacific (Japanese)16,22342,018
SouthamptonHudson Bay (Canadian)15,91341,214
NOTE: Australia is not included in this list because it is defined as a continent rather than an island.


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