The Top Ten: The Ten Largest Lakes of the World

Updated December 3, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
The Top TenDecember 10 - 17

The Ten Largest Lakes of the World

RankName, LocationArea (sq. miles)Length (miles)Max. Depth (feet)
1.Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan-Russia-Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran (salt water)152,2397453,104
2.Superior, U.S.-Canada31,8203831,333
3.Victoria, Tanzania-Uganda26,828200270
4.Huron, U.S.-Canada23,010247750
5.Michigan, U.S.22,400321923
6.Aral, Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan13,000266223
7.Tanganyika, Tanzania-Congo12,7004204,708
8.Baikal, Russia12,1623955,712
9.Great Bear, Canada12,000232270
10.Nyasa, Malawi-Mozambique-Tanzania11,6003602,316
Note: The Caspian Sea is called "sea" because the Romans, finding it salty, named it Mare Caspium. Many geographers, however, consider it a lake because it is land locked.

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