Highest GDP Per Capita

Updated September 11, 2020 | Logan Chamberlain

The Richest Countries Pound for Pound

It pretty naturally follows that larger countries should make more money than smaller ones, just by virtue of being bigger. Certainly the world's three largest economies are the three largest countries by population (China, the United States, and India). That's why, to determine just how wealthy a country is, it's useful to see how much money they make per person in their country. This money could still be very uneven between people in the country; figuring out which country has the "wealthiest average citizen" would require a bit more math.

These are the countries with the highest GDP per capita in U.S. dollars, based on data available at the end of 2019. Also check out our list of the countries with the lowest GDP per capita

Country GDP/Capita Population
Monaco $164,823 39,242
Liechtenstein $162,444 38,128
Luxembourg $117,725 625,978
Bermuda $98,387 62,278
Macau $95,726 649,335
Switzerland $85,585 8,654,622
Ireland $82,058 4,937,786
Norway $80,908 5,421,241
Iceland $78,598 341,243
Qatar $70,810 2,881,053

The United States is just below Qatar, with $67,000 GDP/Capita. Which is pretty good since the U.S. population is over 330 million people; that's more than ten times as many people as all of the higher ranked countries combined. 

Source: The International Money Fund, 2019


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