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History of Valentine's Day
Pagan festivals, Christian saints, Chaucer's love birds, and the Greeting Card Association of America
Valentine's Day by the Numbers
Statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau
Spelling Love with Candy Hearts
Ten new ways to convey those immortal words
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Capone and Co.'s botched plan


Famous Love Stories
Legendary couples from Antony and Cleopatra to Abigail and John Adams
Fictional Love Stories
Love stories in literature, opera, and television
American Film Institute's 100 Greatest Love Stories
From Casablanca to Jerry Maguire
Quotations from Classic Love Poems
Shakespeare, Virgil, and Edna St. Vincent Millay
Classic Love Poems on the Web
Words of love are only a click away
From Reel Love to Real Love
Movies that inspired offscreen romances

Fun Stuff

Valentine Heart Slider
Valentine's Day Hangman Game
Valentine's Day Crossword Puzzle
27 Down: ___ a Valentine's Day card to that "special someone."
Famous Couples Crossword Puzzle
11. Down: Sonny's partner in love and song
Wedding Lore and Traditions
From bridesmaids to tossing the bouquet
Encyclopedia: Saint Valentine
A Roman martyr priest, circa 270
Encyclopedia: Saint Valentine's Day
The Western holiday was originally known as the Roman feast of Lupercalia
Did you know?
For more than a billion Muslims around the world, Ramadan is a "month of blessing" marked by prayer, fasting, and charity.