10 Cities with Highest Percentage of Blacks or African Americans

City 2000%City 2010%
Gary, Ind.84.0Detroit, Mich.82.7
Detroit, Mich.81.6Jackson, Miss.79.4
Birmingham, Ala.73.5Miami Gardens, Fla.76.3
Jackson, Miss.70.6Birmingham, Ala.73.4
New Orleans, La.67.0Baltimore, Md.63.7
Baltimore, Md.64.3Memphis, Tenn.63.3
Atlanta, Ga.61.4New Orleans, La.60.2
Memphis, Tenn.61.4Flint, Mich.56.6
Washington, DC60.0Montgomery, Ala.56.6
Richmond, Va.57.2Savannah, Ga.55.4

*Cities with 100,000 people or more.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2000; The Black Population: 2010.

Black or African-American Population for the United States by Region, 2002Population/DemographicsSelected Characteristics of the U.S. Arab Population, 2000

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