Selected Characteristics of the U.S. Arab Population, 2000

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Alone1In combination2Total
Total Arab (in numbers)850,027339,7041,189,731
Under 18 years.25.2%41.6%29.9%
18 to 64 years 65.955.662.9
65 years and over
Marital Status
Never married26.739.930.0
Separated, widowed, or divorced12.712.012.5
Household type
Family households71.665.070.1
Married couple59.851.658.0
Female householder, no spouse present6.19.66.9
Male householder, no spouse present5.73.85.3
Nonfamily households28.435.029.9
Nativity and citizenship
Native 46.490.959.1
Foreign born
Naturalized 28.34.821.6
Not a citizen 25.34.319.3
Foreign born by year of entry
Before 19709.617.310.1
1970 to 1979 17.420.217.6
1980 to 198927.024.826.8
1990 to 2000 46.037.745.5
Language spoken at home and English— speaking ability
Only English at home31.382.545.4
Non-English at home, English spoken “very well”44.413.235.8
Non-English at home, English spoken less than “very well”24.44.318.8
Educational attainment
High school graduate or more 84.093.786.2
Bachelor's degree or more41.244.542.0
Labor force participation
Men 16 years and over 73.380.374.8
Women 16 years and over 45.569.752.4
Management, professional, and related occupations 42.044.842.8
Service occupations 11.712.611.9
Sales and office occupations 30.229.630.0
Farming, fishing, and forestry occupations0.10.10.1
Construction, extraction, and maintenance occupations
Production, transportation, and material moving occupations
Earnings, income, and poverty (in 1999)
Median earnings (dollars) for males3$41,687$47,307$42,300
Median earnings (dollars) for females3$31,842$33,113$32,168
Median income (dollars) for families$52,318$66,195$55,673
Individuals below the poverty level416.7%7.0%13.9%
1. Arab ancestry alone.
2. Arab ancestry in combination with non-Arab ancestry.
3. Based on full-time, year-round workers.
4. Poverty status was determined for everyone except individuals in institutions, military group quarters, and college dormitories, and individuals under age 15 unrelated to the householder.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2000 special tabulation.

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