Republican National Committee Chairs Since 1944

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Learn the names and dates of service for those republicans who serverd as National Committee Chairs. This table lists all chairmen from 1944 to today.

Chairman and (state)-Republican Term
Herbert Brownell Jr. (N.Y.) 1944-1946
Carroll Reece (Tenn.) 1946-1948
Hugh D. Scott Jr. (Pa.) 1948-1949
Guy G. Gabrielson (N.J.) 1949-1952
Arthur E. Summerfield (Mich.) 1952-1953
Wesley Roberts (Kans.) 1953
Leonard W. Hall (N.Y.) 1953-1957
Meade Alcorn (Conn.) 1957-1959
Thruston B. Morton (Ky.) 1959-1961
William E. Miller (N.Y.) 1961-1964
Dean Burch (Ariz.) 1964-1965
Ray C. Bliss (Ohio) 1965-1969
Rogers C. B. Morton (Md.) 1969-1971
Robert Dole (Kans.) 1971-1973
George H. Bush (Tex.) 1973-1974
Mary Louise Smith (Iowa) 1974-1977
William E. Brock III (Tenn.) 1977-1981
Richard Richards (Utah) 1981-1983
Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr. (Nev.) 1983-1989
Lee Atwater (S.C.) 1989-1991
Clayton K. Yeutter (Nebr.) 1991-1992
Richard Bond (N.Y.) 1992-1993
Haley Barbour (Miss.) 1993-1997
Jim Nicholson (Colo.) 1997-2001
Jim Gilmore (Va.) 2001-2002
Marc Racicot (Mont.) 2002-2003
Ed Gillespie (D.C.) 2003-2005
Ken Mehlman (Md.) 2005-2007
Mike Duncan (Ky.) 2007-2009
Michael Steele (Md.) 2009-2011
Reince Priebus (Wis.) 2011–

Sources: Republican National Committee: 310 First St., SE, Washington, DC 20003.
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