Democratic National Committee Chairs Since 1944

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See a complete list below of Democratic National Committee Chairs since 1944.

Chairman and (state)-Democratic Term
Robert E. Hannegan (Mo.) 1944-1947
J. Howard McGrath (R.I.) 1947-1949
William M. Boyle, Jr. (Mo.) 1949-1951
Frank E. McKinney (Ind.) 1951-1952
Stephen A. Mitchell (Ill.) 1952-1954
Paul M. Butler (Ind.) 1955-1960
Henry M. Jackson (Wash.) 1960-1961
John M. Bailey (Conn.) 1961-1968
Lawrence F. O'Brien (Mass.) 1968-1969
Fred R. Harris (Okla.) 1969-1970
Lawrence F. O'Brien (Mass.) 1970-1972
Jean Westwood (Utah) 1972
Robert S. Strauss (Tex.) 1972-1977
Kenneth M. Curtis (Maine) 1977
John C. White (Tex.) 1977-1981
Charles T. Manatt (Calif.) 1981-1985
Paul G. Kirk Jr. (Mass.) 1985-1989
Ronald H. Brown (D.C.) 1989-1993
David Wilhelm (Ill.) 1993-1994
Christopher J. Dodd (Conn.) 1995-1996
Steven Grossman (Mass.) 1996-1999
Joe Andrew (Ind.) 1999-2001
Terry McAuliffe (Va.) 2001-2005
Howard Dean (Vt.) 2005-2009
Tim Kaine (Va.) 2009-2011
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.) 2011–

Democratic National Committee: 430 South Capitol St., SE, Washington, DC 20003.
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