Major Congressional Bills Passed in 2005

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See the major bills passed in Congress during 2005. The date indicates when the bill was signed into law by President Bush.

February 18, 2005
Class Action Fairness Act
Moves many class-action lawsuits from state jurisdiction to federal courts, reducing plaintiffs' ability to choose “friendly courts” for their trials. Also seeks to limit the fees attorneys can collect in such cases.
April 20, 2005
Bankruptcy Act
The first major overhaul of bankruptcy in 27 years limits individuals from seeking bankruptcy and thereby erasing debt. New costs imposed for those seeking bankruptcy.
August 2, 2005
Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA)
Most trade barriers removed between the U.S. and six central American countries: Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.
August 8, 2005
Energy Policy Act
New energy law calls for increased domestic oil and gas production and the construction of new nuclear power plants. The Act provides tax incentives for the production of renewable energy sources, energy conservation, and alternative transportation fuels. Also offers tax breaks to consumers who buy efficient appliances and hybrid cars, and extends Daylight Saving Time by four weeks.
August 10, 2005
Transportation Act
Transportation Act will modernize America's network of roads, bridges, and mass transit systems, without raising gas taxes. Its goals are to ease traffic and increase safety.
Sept. 20, 2005
Stem Cell and Therapeutic Research Act
Act creates a new federal program for collecting and storing cord blood and expands the current bone marrow registry program to also include cord blood.
Sept. 23, 2005
Katrina Emergency Tax Relief Act
Provides tax relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina and for employers in the affected region, and provides tax incentives for charitable giving.
Dec. 21, 2005
Gulf Opportunity Zone Act
To further spur economic growth, this law provides for a Gulf Opportunity Zone, with tax relief and loans to be provided to businesses and entrepreneurs in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. It also increases federal scholarship funding for area students.
Dec. 22, 2005
Presidential $1 Coin Act
Starting in 2007, a new dollar coin will be released four times every year, each featuring a past U.S. president.
Dec. 30, 2005
Patriot Act Extension
Extends the USA PATRIOT Act, set to expire on Dec. 31, for about one month. If not extended further, the act will now expire on Feb. 3, 2006.
Dec. 30, 2005
National Defense Authorization Act and Department of Defense Appropriations Act
A twin set of bills, authorizing and allotting $453 billion in defense spending, including $50 billion for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, $29 billion for post-Katrina reconstruction, and $3.8 billion for avian flu preparedness. One section reaffirms that torture of prisoners of war and detainees is illegal and contrary to American values.

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