Cabinet Members Under Grant

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Secretary of State Elihu B. Washburne, 1869
Hamilton Fish, 1869
Secretary of the TreasuryGeorge S. Boutwell, 1869
William A. Richardson, 1873
Benjamin H. Bristow, 1874
Lot M. Morrill, 1876
Secretary of War John A. Rawlins, 1869
William W. Belknap, 1869
Alphonso Taft, 1876
James D. Cameron, 1876
Attorney General Ebenezer R. Hoar, 1869
Amos T. Akerman, 1870
George H. Williams, 1871
Edwards Pierrepont, 1875
Alphonso Taft, 1876
Postmaster General John A. J. Creswell, 1869
Marshall Jewell, 1874
James N. Tyner, 1876
Secretary of the Navy Adolph E. Borie, 1869
George M. Robeson, 1869
Secretary of the Interior Jacob D. Cox, 1869
Columbus Delano, 1870
Zachariah Chandler, 1875

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