Cabinet Members Under Arthur

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Secretary of State James G. Blaine (Cont.)
F. T. Frelinghuysen, 1881
Secretary of the Treasury William Windom (Cont.)
Charles J. Folger, 1881
Walter Q. Gresham, 1884
Hugh McCulloch, 1884
Secretary of War Robert T. Lincoln (Cont.)
Attorney General Wayne MacVeagh (Cont.)
Benjamin H. Brewster, 1881
Postmaster General Thomas L. James (Cont.)
Timothy O. Howe, 1881
Walter Q. Gresham, 1883
Frank Hatton, 1884
Secretary of the Navy William H. Hunt (Cont.)
William E. Chandler, 1882
Secretary of the Interior Samuel J. Kirkwood (Cont.)
Henry M. Teller, 1882

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