2016 Presidential Candidates Slideshow: Chris Christie Loves Springsteen and Adele

Jennie Wood

Chris Christie Loves Springsteen and Adele
Chris Christie at Springsteen Concert
In this photo, Chris Christie showed off his tickets to see Bruce Springsteen perform at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, on Oct. 9, 2009. Christie was a Republican gubernatorial candidate at the time, a race he won. Christie has never been shy about his love for The Boss or any of his musical tastes. In Jan. 2016, while speaking at a Sioux City, Iowa town hall, Christie confessed, "I will tell you just as an aside that recently I have kind of like, kind of fallen in love with Adele." Christie even admitted to singing Adele's hit "Hello" in his car as a way to entertain his staff on the campaign trail. Also in Jan. 2016, Christie used Adele lyrics to take jabs at Marcio Rubio on twitter and in campaign ads.
Photo source: AP Photo/Bill Kostroun
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