National Historic Sites

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Name and location Total acreage
Abraham Lincoln Birthplace (Ky.) 344.50
Allegheny Portage Railroad (Pa.) 1,249.20
Andersonville (Ga.) 494.61
Andrew Johnson (Tenn.) 16.68
Bent's Old Fort (Colo.) 798.80
Boston African-American (Mass.) 0.59
Brown v. Board of Education (Kans.) 1.85
Carl Sandburg Home (N.C.) 263.65
Charles Pinckney (S.C.) 28.45
Chimney Rock (Nebr.)83.36
Christiansted (U.S. V.I.) 27.15
Clara Barton (Md.) 8.59
Edgar Allan Poe (Pa.) 0.52
Edison (N.J.) 21.25
Eisenhower (Pa.) 690.46
Eleanor Roosevelt (N.Y.) 180.50
Eugene O'Neill (Calif.) 13.19
First Ladies (Ohio)0.33
Ford's Theatre (Lincoln Museum) (DC) 0.29
Fort Bowie (Ariz.) 999.45
Fort Davis (Tex.) 473.87
Fort Laramie (Wyo.) 832.85
Fort Larned (Kan.) 718.39
Fort Point (Calif.) 29.00
Fort Raleigh (N.C.) 512.93
Fort Scott (Kan.) 16.69
Fort Smith (Ark.-Okla.) 75.05
Fort Union Trading Post (N.D.-Mont.) 443.81
Fort Vancouver (Wash.) 208.89
Frederick Douglass (DC) 8.53
Frederick Law Olmsted (Mass.) 7.21
Friendship Hill (Pa.) 674.56
Gloria Dei Church (Pa.)3.71
Golden Spike (Utah) 2,735.28
Grant-Kohrs Ranch (Mont.) 1,618.38
Hampton (Md.) 62.04
Harry S. Truman (Mo.) 6.67
Herbert Hoover (Iowa) 186.80
Home of F. D. Roosevelt (N.Y.) 799.98
Hopewell Furnace (Pa.) 848.06
Hubbell Trading Post (Ariz.) 160.09
James A. Garfield (Ohio) 7.82
Jamestown (Va.)22.5
Jimmy Carter (Ga.) 70.86
John F. Kennedy (Mass.) 0.09
John Muir (Calif.) 344.73
Knife River Indian Villages (N.D.) 1,758.35
Lincoln Home (Ill.) 12.24
Little Rock Central High School (Ark.)27.28
Longfellow (Mass.) 1.98
Lower East Side Tenement Museum (N.Y.)n.a.
Maggie L. Walker (Va.) 1.29
Manzanar (Calif.) 813.81
Martin Luther King, Jr. (Ga.) 38.66
Martin Van Buren (N.Y.) 39.55
Mary McLeod Bethune Council House (DC) 0.07
Minuteman Missile (S.D.) 15.00
Nicodemus (Kans.)161.35
Ninety Six (S.C.) 989.14
Palo Alto Battlefield (Tex.) 3,407.46
Pennsylvania Avenue (DC) 0.00
Puukohola Heiau (Hawaii) 86.24
Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home (Ill.)1.01
Sagamore Hill (N.Y.) 83.02
Saint-Gaudens (N.H.) 148.15
Saint Paul's Church (N.Y.) 6.13
Salem Maritime (Mass.) 9.02
Sand Creek Massacre (Colo.)12,583.34
San Juan (P.R.) 75.13
Saugus Iron Works (Mass.) 8.51
Sewall-Belmont House (DC)0.35
Springfield Armory (Mass.) 54.93
Steamtown (Pa.) 62.48
Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace (N.Y.) 0.11
Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural (N.Y.) 1.03
Thomas Stone (Md.) 328.25
Touro Synagogue (R.I.)0.23
Tuskegee Airmen (Ala.)86.69
Tuskegee Institute (Ala.) 57.92
Ulysses S. Grant (Mo.) 9.60
Vanderbilt Mansion (N.Y.) 211.65
Washita Battlefield (Okla.)315.20
Weir Farm (Conn.) 74.20
Whitman Mission (Wash.) 99.93
William Howard Taft (Ohio) 3.10

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